1. Tu no tienes la culpa mi amor
    que el mundo sea tan feo
    tu no tienes la culpa mi amor
    de tanto tiroteo

  2. crisprojas:

    Manu Chao - Me Gustas Tu

    One advantage of not going to Vietnam is that I can go see Manu Chao in Philly with Felix and Laura from work. Definitely one of my favorite singers: parents fled Spain for opposing the Franco dictatorship, grew up in France and inspired by The Clash. So he sings in Spanish, French (even switching between language in the course of one song which can be pretty confusing, Spanish and French in this case) and English (and one or two songs in Arabic and Portuguese).

  3. Sometimes I dream about reality
    Sometimes I feel so gone
    Sometimes I dream about a wild wild world
    Sometimes I feel so lonesome
    Hey Bobby Marley
    Sing Someting good to me
    This world go crazy
    It’s an emergency

    — Manu Chao

  4. How do you do, comment-allez vous?
    We went to see a french movie
    Mais qu’est-ce qu’il fait, mais qu’est-ce qu’il dit?
    You really got a hold on me, I wanna hear you say oh oui.
    Chérie chérie j’en reve la nuit

  5. gogosohel-deactivated20110418:

     ”One World: One Love” 

    Amazing cover version.